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Your Support Saves Lives & Changes Futures.

Help us sustain the critical services we provide. Your donation is an investment in keeping our neighbors and our community safe. Every gift builds a compassionate community free from emotional and physical abuse and provides Freedom, Empowerment, Action, Transformation and most all HOPE to survivors.

Thank you for giving generously.

Ways to Give

We accept cash donations as well as securities, real estate, planned giving and cryptocurrency. If you have ideas of your own, please call us. We’re here to help your gift make its biggest impact.


By Phone

Call Shannon Nichols,


Items/In Kind

You can donate items to The Attic, our thrift shop. Click here for more info.


Donate Online

Donate Online

Donate Crypto

Donate Crypto

Donating cryptocurrency is a non-taxable event, meaning you do not owe capital gains tax on the appreciated amount and can deduct it on your taxes. This makes Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrency donations one of the most tax efficient ways to support your favorite cause. If you want to learn more about how donating crypto can lower your taxes, check out Talk to a crypto-savvy tax professional or connect with The Giving Block to get connected with one.

If you have any questions or interested in donating other types of cryptocurrency, send an email to

Donor List
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Gifts Made
In Memory Of

Gifts Made
In Honor Of

Grants &

In Kind

Robyn and Todd Achilles

R. Eric Adams

Susan Adams

Susan Conner and Samuel -Adicoff Conner Charitable Account

Anne Aganon

Ryan Alison

Lisa Altig-Mario and Alma Pastega Foundation

Britta and Richard Altig -Mario and Alma Pastega Family Foundation

Pat Aluisi and John Montague

Amanda Breen Law, PLLC

Adi Amar

Ruth Ames

Hillary Anderson & Kirk Anderson

Kylie Anderson

Diane Anderson

Susan Andrews

Lesley Andrus

Richard Angle

Chip and Barbara Angle

Anonymous-Goldman Sachs Gives


Sherry Archer

Jan Aronson

Martha Arvey

Betsy and John Ashton

Katie Asselin

Sara and J.J. Astorquia

Mitchel and Gwynn August

Tracy and Daniel Ayers

Melissa Ayres

Geoff Wells and Alexandra Babalis

Debra Bacca

Backwoods Mountain Sports

McNair Bailey

Margaret and John Baker-Baker Family Fund at Spur Community Foundation

Courtney Ballard

Dan and Annelle Ballbach

Diane Banta

Anthony Barriatua

Matt Barrow-Viewpoint, Inc

Blake Barrow

Judi and Richard Bartoccini

Natalie Battistone

Summer and Rich Bauer

Mark & Gini Baumgardner-Baumgardner Family Charitable Fund

Teri Beck

Fred and Renata Beguin

Bobi Bellows & Lani Hart

Leslie Benz

Art and Susan Berry-Berry Family Fund

David Berry

Fred and Gayle Bieker

Kristen Bigelow

Derek Bird

Blaine County Title

Susan and Arnold Blair

Annie Bloomfield

Blue Cross of Idaho

Richard Boddie

Bill Boeger & Lisa Stelck

Lindsay and Reed Boeger

Katherine Boskovich

Barbara Boswell

Boswell Family Foundation

Boulder Mountain Tour

Lisa Ryan- Boyle and Perry Boyle

Brenda Boyle

Kathy Braegger

Peter Breck & Lauri Bunting

Amanda Breen & David Patrie

Teresa Brennan

Graeme  Bretall

The Bretall Family Fund

Katherine & Brian Bridwell

Alexander Brigham

Jim and Kathleen Britt

Linda and Peter Brittingham

Rhett Broderick

Betsy Brooks

Joan Broomfield

Broschofsky Galleries

Richard Brown

Rebecca Brown

Anne and Mike Brunelle

Jack & Elizabeth  Bunce

Barton and Melina Burdette

Robert Burkheimer

Ned Burns

Lauren Burson

Steve Butler

Catherine Butterfield

Dayna and Brett Buxton

Cathie Caccia

Cafe Della

Lindsay Cambier

Nancy Cameron & Grahame Clark

Lynn Campion-Waddell & Theodore Waddell

Jeff & Judith Camps

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Fund 

Lenore and Mark Carroll

Marilyn Carter

Jeanne Cassell

Linda and Harry Caston

Cauze One 4 All Charitable Fund

Cavallo Custom Woodworks, LLC

Lynda Highsmith Chafetz and Adam Chafetz

Stephanie and Scott Chamberlain

Dan and Micki Chapin

Wendy Chase

Hayley Childress

Sandra Christiansen

Robert Cimino

Ck's Real Food

Colleen Clark

Anita and James Cleveland

Rosemary Cody-Cody Acupuncture Clinic

Penny and Buzz Coe

Amy and Nick Cole

Jane Reister Conard

Carissa Connelly

Jane Conner-Jane Town Conner Foundation

Debbie Conover

Krista and Ross Copperman

Christopher & Katrina Cord

Michael and Julie Cord

Idaho Community Foundation Covid-19 Response and Recovery Fund for Idaho ach

Brynn Coyle

Sophie Craighead

Cross Charitable Foundation

Kathy Crosson & Stuart Siderman

Robin and Michael Crotty

Patti Culpepper

Peter and Quin Curran

Art and Bobbie Dahl

Jude Damasco-Mary Wohlford Foundation

Dang Thai Cuisine & Sushi

Jenny Emery Davidson and Mark Davidson

Frances and Jerry Davis

Francis Davis

Robin Davis

Jordan Davis

Mark De Reus-DeReus Architects

Peggy Dean

Mitch and Rebecca DeShields

Deb and John Dimant

Steven Dorinson

Maureen Dougherty

Kimberly and Robert Douglas

Ann Down

William Downing & Mary Bachman

Beth Dozoretz-Dozoretz Family Foundation

DPPM Project Management

Lyman and Debra Drake

Pat Drake

Ranney and Priscilla Draper

Buck Drew & Becky Klassen

Lynn and Nelson Drewien

Patricia Duetting & Dick Hare

Brad and Cyndi DuFur

Durae Scott McDonald Foundation Fund -Greg and Debra McDonald

Elizabeth Durels

Deina Duval

Alyssa Eagan

Kathleen Eder

Linda and Bob Edwards

Chris and Megan Edwards

Kathleen D. Edwards, PhD

The Elephant's Perch

Cami and Adam Elias-Elias Construction, Inc

Dr. Naomi and William Ellison

Mary Emery

Engel &Voelkers Gestalt Group

Equilibrium-Doro Lohmann

Carol Everett

Fairway Lawns

Amy Falls & Hartley Rogers

Steeuto Family

Philip and Helga Fast

Joe and Ellen Fastow

Scott Featherstone DDS, PLLC

Jim Feldbaum & Melinda Lebowitz

Charles and Patricia Feldstein

Susan and Nathan Fierman

Donna Finegan

Lisa Firestone

First Interstate Bank

First Lite

Bryan Fish

Happy Fitzgerald

Chris & Jackie Flanigan-Flanigan Family Foundation

Meghan Flanz

John and Sandra Flattery

Rick & Lynn Flickinger

Aris and Randy Flood

Footlight Dance Centre

A. Roger and Jeanne Foreman

Peter & Ginny Foreman-Sirius Fund

Cay Fortune & John Shimer

Jana and Jeffrey Foushee

James Fowler

Alene Frankel

Logan Frederickson-Windermere Real Estate

Charley French

Elaine and John French

Margery and Woody Friedlander

Joyce Friedman

Gretel Friedman

Bill & Gay Fruehling-Fruehling Family Charitable Account

Gail Severn Gallery

Pat and Raquel Galvin

Laurie Garber

Robert and Kathryn Gardner

Kathleen and Richard Gariepy

Patricia Garrett

Mary Garrison

Jandina Gelormerio

Barbara and Stephen Gerrish

Deborah and Robert Gilbert

Linda Gilbert

Sara and Mike Gilman

Nick and L'Anne Gilman

T. Scott and Carol Glenn

Theodore Gold & Margaret Gering

Larry Goldberg

Maria & Ron Goldman

Nancy & Ross Goldstein

Cathy Dobbs Goldstein & Philip Goldstein

Peggy Elliott Goldwyn

Isaac Gonzales

Joyce Gordon & Eric Remais

Sara Gorham

Roger and Margaret Gould

Connie Grabow

Jay Graham & Eileen Hansen

Tim & Kathryn Graves

Peter & Betty Gray

Blanca & Tommy Green

Steve & Deborah Greenberg

Susan & Ron Greenspan

Sara Gress

Amy and Tracy Groll

Paula Gualtieri

Harry and Shirley Hagey

Cheryl and Murray Hall

Dennis Hanggi

Melanie Hansen & John McGuone

Brad Hansen

Elaine Harfst

Carolyn and Bill Harper

Darrel Harris

Harris Foundation-Scott and Charlotta Harris

Tamara Harrison

Florence & Tom Harvey

John Bailey & Grace Harvey

Ron and Linda Hatzenbuehler

Kellee Havens

Hope Hayward

Britta Heaphy

Margaret Hecht

Hecht 2008 Grantor Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Stephen & Lynne Heidel

Roberta & Tom Heinrich

Catherine and Jean-Francois Heitz

Helen & Louis Galen Family Foundation

Helios Foundation-Betsey Aalfs

Carolyn Helmke

Prue Hemmings

Dean Hernandez

Elizabeth Herrick

Arianne and Josh Heyser-Topnotch Fine Furnishings

Alex and Pat Higgins

Hillary Whipple DMD

Richard Hitchcock

Alan Hoffman

Alicia & Daniel Hollis

Chuck & Christy Holloway

Ben Holmes & Carol Scheifele-Holmes

Amanda Houston

Jeff Howes

HRH Foundation- Harry and Shirley Hagey

Carol & Bert Hughes

Dede & Steven Huish

Dan & Barb Hurlbutt

Idaho Children's Trust Fund-Roger Sherman

Idaho Community Foundation-Heart of Gold Fund

Idaho Community Foundation-Steve Burns

Idaho Power and IDACORP-Southern Employee Community Fund

Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch

Image Eyes Optical

Independent Goods-Susan Nieves

Inner Health MD-Tom Archie

J. McLaughlin

Linda Jackson

Anne and Moe Jacob

Ben Jacobson

Deborah James

Jane's Artifacts

Janet Nathanail & William Flanz

Jim & Wendy Jaquet

Anne Jeffery

Judith Jellinek

Page & Maureen Jenner

Ross & Martha Jennings-Martha Lewis Jennings Trust

Jenny Craig Family Foundation

Carol Jensen

Staci Jensen-Hart

Jamye Jesser

Jill Eshman Law, PC

Joan Leidy Foundation

Dave Johan

Katherine and McKay Johnson

Jesse Johnson

Kathy Jones

Stan and Harriet Joseph

Stanford Joseph

Rose Jubb

The Just Give

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of NW Community Giving

Tracy & Eric Kanowsky

Emily & Steve Karassik

Joe Kasputys

Edward &Camille Kassatly

David Kaye & Judith Teller Kaye

Gail Kearns

Gerald & Kaye Kearns

Liz Keegan

The Kemmerer Family Foundation

Robert & Nelda Kendall

Marcia Lee Kent & Frank Halverson

Ketchum Grill

Judith Kindler & Kyle Johnson

Bill & Sue Kirby

Tim & Kirby

Linda Kish

Page Klune

KMV Builders

Kneeland Gallery

Dave Knoop

Gina Knox & Richard Mull

Richard Kolbrener

Leigh Koonce

Erin & Nic Kosach

Rae Kozlowski

Karl & Kathleen Krekow

William & Lynn Kronberger

Jim Kuehn

Jack and Marie Kueneman

Julie LaFleur

Michael & Sharon Landau

Amy & Robert Landis

Cynthia Langlois

Andrea Laporte The John H. and Andrea B. Laporte Charitable Gift Fund

Jennifer Laporte

Susan Larson

Sarah Latham-Latham Interiors

Jean and Nick Latham

Barbara and Tom LaTour

Erica Lauritsen

Chelsea Lauwers-Benchling, Inc

Robin Leavitt &Terry Friedlander

Debra & Jack Levin

Jami & Noah Levine

Kathie Levison

Laura Rose Lewis & Scott Lewis

Bill Leyrer

Nicole Lichtenberg

Chloe Lichtenberg

Don & Marcia Liebich

Ruth Lieder

Limelight Hotel - Ketchum

LeeAnne Linderman

Erica Linson

Teresa & David Lipman

Tom & Jeanne Liston

Karen Little

Lloyd Construction, LLC

Kristy and Thomas Logan

Valerie Logsdon and Al Pokorny

Ali Long -The Springcreek Foundation

Maryvern Loomis

Kelly and Steve Loughlin

Jim & Jamie Loyd

Gina Luke

Jonathan and Margaux Lunceford-Lunceford Excavation

Linda Lynch

Bob and Julie Lynn

Marty and Mila Lyon

Tracy Lyon

Lyon Landscape Architects, LLC

Blair Choate & Julie Lyons

Magleby Construction Sun Valley

Stephen and Mary Malkmus

Beenish  Mannan

Marc and Mary Longley

Elmore Fund-Mary Jane Elmore Marin Community Foundation

The Marshall Frankel Foundation

Kiki and Wayne Martin

Kelly Martin

The Martin Djos Family Foundation

Bill & Jane Mason

Barbara Mason

Brad Mathews

Amy Mattias

Melody Mattson

Wilma Maurer

Alysia May

Chris & Penny Mazzola-Mazzola Family Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation

Megan & Luc McCann

Robin McCarthy & Jerrott Willard

Jim & Linda McClatchy

Jack & Sandy McCullough

Rain & David McDonald

Deborah & Greg McDonald

Natalie McFarlin

Susan McKee

Steve McLaughlin & Shannon Nichols

James & Willa McLaughlin

Ed & Lela McLaughlin

Denis & Joann McNamara

Bernard Meeks

Carole Melkesian

Jerry & Sheila Mells

Douglas & Carrie Melvin

Merrick Construction

Judy Meyer

Sarah Michael & Robert Jonas

Laura Midgley-The Laura and David Midgley Fund

Jeffrey & Nancy Mihalic

Miley Roofing

Nicholas & Sylvia Miller

Rhonda Millick

Abby Mills

Diane Miner

Kathryn Miranda

Callan & Conner Miranda-Wade

Jo Moncrieff

Ambrose & Lili Monell

Bekka Mongeau

Carol Monteverde

Morgan's Fine Finishes

Gerry Morrison & Julie Weston

Webb & Carolyn Morrow

Mary Mott

Mountain West Bank

Dr. Cynthia Murphy & Dr. James Wilson

Thomas Murphy

Kingsley & Cynthia Murphy

Dylan Murtha

Laura Musbach Drake

Ashley Mushbach

Kim Nalen

Nancy Eccles and Homer M. Hayward Family Foundation

Rebecca & Jonathan Neeley

Holly Myers & Kirk Neely-Blue Oak Foundation

Lucia Meredith Nelson & Jeffrey Nelson

Holbrook Newman

Bobbi & Michael Nichols

Linsey Nicholson

Diane Nini

Edward Northen

NorthPoint Group

Susan Northrop

Jay and Louise Noyes

Bobby and Kathryn Noyes

Carol O'Loughlin & Fred Grabos, Jr.

Erin O'Toole

Michael and Esther Ochsman- Ochsman Foundation, Inc.

Jinny Olsen

Julie Olson

Davis Olson

Sally & Marc Onetto

Karen Oswalt & Baxter Craven-Young Charitable Donor Fund

P. Weed Marketing

Sandee & Dan Packman

Thomas & Molly Page

Michael & Charlotte Page-Page Foundation

Peter and Britt Palmedo-The Palmedo Spur Fund at Spur Community Foundation

Mark Palmer


Anna & Robert Parker

Bob Parker

Bob Kaplan & Susan Passovoy

Browyn Patterson

Suzanne Pattinson

Midge Patzer

Rocio Paucar

James Pearre & Diane DeRocher

Reuben & Susan Perin

The Perlstein Foundation

Kim & Scott Pertel

Kimberly Perutz

Jake & Trina Peters

Jan C. Philipsborn & Mitchell L. Hollins

Elaine & Mike Phillips

Phoebe Pilaro

Daniel Pincetich

Pioneer Title Company

Eric & Rhonda Pollock

Jill Gosden & Gordon Pollock

Tom Pomeroy

Julia Potter

Chester Potuzak

Mischa & Collen Potuzak

Craig & Alison Poulsen

Tom & Michelle Praggastis

Jody Pratt

Molly & Pete Prekeges

Lila & Preston

Karissa Price

Lynn Pritchett

Joy and Jack Prudek

Nick and Sharon Purdy

Pure SV, LLC

Q Charitable Fund

Karen Quaglia

Katherine Rabalais

Rainbow Sandals Foundation

Rainbow's End Recovery Center

Greg & Enid Rawlings

Red Door Design House Marina Broschofsky

Garth Callaghan & Stephanie Reed

Duane Reed

Marc & Chris Reinemann

Mark & Becky Reitinger

Reitinger & Associates, In

Renaissance Charitable

Bob and Betsy Reniers

Marline Rennels

Monica Renya

Jenna & Willie Resko

Kathryn "Keefer" Reynolds

Jima Rice

Steven Richard

Richard K. and Shirley S. Hemingway Foundation

Julia & Alan Richardson


Kate Riley

Carlyn Ring

Terry & Susie Ring

Katherine and Buffalo Rixon

Rixon and Cronin Charitable Fund at Spur Community Foundation

Debprah Robertson

Brent & Beverley Robinson

Rocky Mountain Hardware

Rogers Family Fund at Seattle Foundation

David & Barbara Rognlien

Ellen Usenik & Jonathan  Roman

Steven Romano

Rick & Patti Rooney

Roselyne C. Swig Philanthropic Fund

Jean and Stephen Roth- Roth Charitable Foundation

Char Roth

Roy A. Hunt Foundation

Erik Ruggeri

Scott & Naomi Runkel

Corinne & Richard Rutkowski

Robert & Lynda Safron

Nini Sakaguchi

Kimberlyn Sanchez

Roger & Kathy Sanger

Joanna Sattler

Sawtooth Animal Center

Sawtooth Brewery

Sharon Scaramozza

Jennifer Schiess-Boulton

Anna Schimelpfenig

Phyllis & Leonard Schlessinger

Bill Schliiter & Gloria Kimball

Kathryn Schneider & Greg Swanson

Kristiann Schoening

Pat Schott

Katherine & Gabe Schroder

Paul and Maureen Schwendener

Mary Louise Sedin-The Sedin Family Trust

John and Martha Sensenbrenner

Caron & Bob Shay

Carol Shephard

Taryn Showers

Margot and Robert Shuford

Julie and Neil Siegel

Barbara and R Philip Silver

Silver Creek Ford

Silver Creek Outfitters

Michael Sinclair

Linda Sisson

Pam Slomski

Mary Smith

Shauna Smith

Jared Smith

Connie Smith

Snowy River Dental

John Sofro

Slim and Mimi Sommerville

Laura Speck

Naomi Spence

Spur Community Foundation

Sherry & Dick St. Clair

St. Luke's Wood River

St. Lukes Wood River Foundation Inc.

Julie and Josh Stanek

Chip Stanek & Susan Winget Stanek

Stanley Bakery

Steele-Reese Foundation

Sherry Warner-Steinberg & Jeffrey Steinberg

Stephanie Reed Real Estate

Christopher Stephens

Megan & Justin Stevenson

Stillwater Foundation

Stinker Stores Inc.

Betty & Robert Stone

Sloan Storey

Chayanne Stowell

Taylor Straley

Barbara & Woody Stuart-The Dwight Stuart Youth Fund

David and Maggie Sturdevant

Michelle Suarez

Joan Sullivan

Sun Valley Animal Center

Sun Valley Gold

Sun Valley Resort

Sun Valley Transfer and Storage

Daniel Sundali

Jan Swanberg and Edward Forman

Tricia Swartling , Maggie and Zach Williams

Carol Swig

Roselyne C. Swig

Sandor & Teri Szombathy

Doug & Ann Taylor

Carol Tessier

The Ford Foundation

The Generation Foundation

The Green-Karas Family Fund at Spur Community Foundation

The ReSource Trust, Inc

The Swig Foundation

Matt Thornton- Thornton Heating & Sheetmetal

Sarah & Peter Thorson

Barbara Thrasher & Rick Koffey -Thrasher/Koffey Foundation

Jane Tillotson

Diane & William Tingue

Debbie Tobin

Tom May - David May II Foundation

Cynda Tomlinson

Marcie & Bill Tompkins

Rosalie & Frank Tornello- Rosalie Tornello Family Foundation

Susan Tucker

Hotel Terra

Caryn & Robert Tyre

Elizabeth Ukpe

Charlotte Unger

United Way of Salt Lake

US Bank Foundation

V's Boutique

Elizabeth Van Leuven

Bree Vanden Heuvel

Annie & Victor Vandenberg

Kendall & Ben Verge

Peta & Jon Verhaeghe

Christy Vik

Gary & Linda Vinagre

Eric Vorm

Waddell Fine Art, LLC

Mike & Carol Wade

Robert Meyer & Lauren Wagner

Margaret Walker

Anne Walker

John & Ellen Wallace

Suzanne & Michael Walsh

Cara Walther

Warfield Distillery & Brewery

Lee Wasserman

Scott & Heidi Watanabe

Thomas & Cheri Watson

Annie & Mike Weber

Liza Weekes

Robert Weil

Edward & Julie Weil

David Weil

Jim & Jeanne Welch

Paul Welker

Stacia Wells

Hillary & Ben Whipple

Georgia & Richard Whitcomb- Newcomb 5 Foundation

Judy Whitmyre

Jennifer Whyte

Jacqueline Wieman & Renee C. Kuross

Mats & Sonya Wilander

Bex Wilkinson

Britt Willard

Frank & Karen Willey

Nicole Williams

Willow Papery

Richard Wilsker

Mary Wilson Spur-Mary DeWitt Wilson Family Fund

David & Trish Wilson

Jennifer Wilson

Francis Wikstrom &Linda Jones

Brad & Mary Wirth

Duffy & Sheila Witmer

Susan Wolford

Jennifer Wood

Kristine & Richard Wood

Wood River Women's Foundation -Idaho Community Foundation

Ward & Priscilla Woods

The Woods Foundation Jessica Clifford

Sue Woodyard

Heidi Woog & Tom Archie

Cassie & Jeff Worth-Worth Printing

Madelyn Wright

Julie Youngblood

Carolyn Younger

Jody & Chris Zarkos

Zenergy at Thunder Spring

Bob & Patience Ziebarth

Lori & Bob Zoellner

Dirk and Lindsay Zondag

Lindsay Zondag - Movement Mortgage

Susan Adams In Memory Of Stella Gray

Jeanne Cassell In Memory Of Stella Gray

Christopher & Katrina Cord In Memory Of Bunny Manus

Patti Culpepper In Memory Of Julia Higdon

Frances and Jerry Davis In Memory Of Jean Swartling

Robert and Kathryn Gardner In Memory Of Bunny Manus

Joe Kasputys In Memory Of Marilyn Kasputys

Cynthia Langlois In Memory Of Stella Gray

Karen Oswalt In Memory Of Stella Gray

Lynn Pritchett In Memory Of Jeannie Bockus

Mary Louise Sedin In Memory Of Jim Sedin

Chip Stanek In Memory Of JB Barlow

Tracy and Daniel Ayers In Honor Of Suzy Ayers

Katherine & Brian Bridwell In Honor Of Jean Latham 

Linda and Harry Caston In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Sandra Christiansen In Honor Of Chelsea Kandler and Girls 

Debbie Conover In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Jenny Emery Davidson and Mark Davidson In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Frances and Jerry Davis In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Kimberly and Robert Douglas In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Mary Emery In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Joe and Ellen Fastow In Honor Of Linda Edwards

Susan and Nathan Fierman In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Bryan Fish In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Janet Nathanail and William Flanz In Honor Of Tom Logan

Pat and Raquel Galvin In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Linda Gilbert In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Peggy Elliott Goldwyn In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Amy and Tracy Groll In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Brad Hansen In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Carolyn and Bill Harper In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Florence and Tom Harvey In Honor Of Dr. Tom Archie and Art Dahl 

Jamye Jesser In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Julie LaFleur In Honor Of, In Honor Of James McBride, Paula Rosecky

Maryvern Loomis In Honor Of Greg and Ivana Loomis

Barbara Mason In Honor Of Bill Boeger

Douglas and Carrie Melvin In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Rhonda Millick In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Jo Moncrieff In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Thomas Murphy In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Newcomb 5 Foundation In Honor Of Joanie Whitcomb and JJ Rumpetles

Jay and Louise Noyes In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Sandee and Dan Packman In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Bob Kaplan and Susan Passovoy In Honor Of Gina Walcolt

Kimberly Perutz In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Eric and Rhonda Pollock In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Tom and Michelle Praggastis In Honor Of Dr. Tom Archie and Susan Corcoran 

Carlyn Ring In Honor Of Gustave Ring

Nini Sakaguchi In Honor Of Maira Conlago

Carol Sinnott In Honor Of Gayle Nelson

Mary Smith In Honor Of Louise Stump  

Julie and Josh Stanek In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Francis Wikstrom In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Richard Wilsker In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Madelyn Wright In Honor Of Tricia and Dave

Idaho Council on Domestic Violence and Victim Assistance

  • Victims of Crime Act

  • Family Violence Prevention and Services Fund

  • Idaho State Domestic Violence Fund

  • American Rescue Plan

Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence

  • OVW Idaho Rural Collaborative

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

  • Green Dot Sexual Violence Prevention Strategy Program

Idaho State Police

  • STOP Violence Against Women Act Grant

  • Sexual Assault Services Program Grant


Margaret and John Baker

Dan and Annelle Ballbach

Cafe Della

Carolyn Younger

Peter and Quin Curran

Eye On Sun Valley

Fairway Lawns-Mellodie and Dan

Hope Hayward

John Shimer

Ashely and Brad Musbach

Stephanie & John Perenchio

Steven Richard

Hillary Whipple, DMD

Trish and David Wilson

Dark To Light Productions

RP Creative


Black Owl

Sun Valley Garden Center

Sun Valley Company

Sun Valley Transfer and Storage

Willow Papery 

Sawtooth Brewery

Warfield Distillery & Brewery

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