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The Advocates’ prevention staff and peer educators teach community members, children, and teens how to build and maintain healthy relationships with their families, peers, and partners through evidence-based, best practice presentations and workshops to youth and adults. We believe that education is the key to creating safer communities. We create positive social change by empowering bystanders, advocating for and collaborating with youth, and engaging communities.

Keep an eye out for The Advocates’ Community Events: From Awareness to Action

A cornerstone of The Advocates’ mission is preventing violence before it starts. We do so by providing education and outreach programs in Blaine, Custer, Lincoln and Camas counties with the goal of giving local youth the tools they need to build and maintain healthy relationships.

Beyond the classroom, we engage community organizations on a variety of levels to support prevention. We provide awareness trainings for local non-profits, collaborate with local law enforcement to strengthen domestic violence safety for our community, and partner with 5B Suicide Prevention Alliance and The Idaho Youth for Change Summit.

Rally to Empower Bystander Education Locally

We provide participants with simple strategies they can use to stop bullying, domestic violence, stalking and sexual assault when they see it. Then we have them practice those strategies. This practice gives them the chance to find a bystander intervention technique that works for them. We also demonstrate how standing up to peers engaging in abusive behaviors can create positive social change in schools, neighborhoods and communities.

The Gender Revolution:

Through activities, vocabulary lessons and group discussion, participants will understand the changing landscape of gender.

Man Up!

A series of monthly, no B.S. conversations about men and culture. Let’s ditch the stereotypes and reframe what it means to Man Up!

Sexual Harassment Demystified

This presentation is not about laws surrounding sexual harassment, but about behaviors that constitute sexual harassment.  We learn subtle and not so subtle ways that sexual harassment can interrupt the workplace environment.

If These Walls Could Talk

Learn about The Advocates’ wide variety of services and support.  From emergency safe housing, to community and school education, to financial literacy classes, The Advocates saves lives and changes futures.

Happy Teenager
Every Teen Counts
(the ETCs)

The Advocates hires teen interns from across the Wood River Valley. They are healthy relationship peer educators and influencers who inspire teens to use their voice, stand up, speak out, and create positive cultural change. They do this through, peer-education, awareness campaigns and healthy relationship events.

It is Not Your Fault

These workshops are critical for all children. Each student learns important concepts to keep them safe if violence occurs in their home.

Got F.R.I.E.S.?

Understanding Consent. Participants learn what is and is not consent, how to recognize social norms that promote rape culture and skills to practice consent in real life situations.

Rally to Empower Bystander Education Locally

We teach respect and compassion in relationships between classmates.  We provide the students with simple strategies they can use to stop bullying, teen dating abuse, harassment and stalking when they see it.

Friends, Frienenemies, and Bullies

Middle School students learn the knowledge and skills of bystander engagement. They learn how to interrupt unhealthy and bullying behaviors they see and how to navigate their own relationships.

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