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Our Current Needs: Empowering Change through Your Support.

Explore our current needs and join us in creating positive change. Every contribution counts, bringing hope, assistance, and solutions to those who need it most. Together, we can make a difference today.

Our Current Needs

  • Vacuums in good working order

  • Bunk beds

  • New towels

  • Twin sheets

  • Comforters/blankets (twin/queen)

  • Kitchen utensils (forks/knives/spoons)

  • Regular sized shampoo/conditioners

  • Liquid body soap

  • Children's coloring books

  • Large whiteboard

  • New toilet plungers

  • Spray cleaner for kitchen and bath

  • Gift certificates to grocery stores or gas ($10-$25 value.)

  • Twin Mattress Pads

Supply Kits

We are always in need of supply kits that provide our clients with some basic necessities and help them feel welcome as they enter our shelter. If you would like to be involved, consider putting some kits together to donate! This is a great opportunity for your church, your coworkers, your child’s soccer team, etc. to gather together for a great cause. Below are lists of the items we need for each kit.

Bedroom Kit

  • New twin bed in a bag sets

  • New twin mattress pad

  • Bath and hand towel

  • Small plastic trash can 

  • Laundry bag

Children's Snack Kit

  • Place in a brown paper lunch sack

  • Granola Bars (no nuts please)

  • Juice box

  • Healthy fruit snack

  • Cheese Stick

Cleaning Supply Kit

  • Laundry basket (Place items inside)

  • 13 gallon trash bags

  • Kitchen cleaner (spray)

  • Bathroom cleaner (spray)

  • Laundry soap (pods please for hi efficiency washer)

  • White vinegar

  • Mop/sponges/broom

Apartment Kitchen Kit

  • Flatware set for 4

  • Drinking glasses for 4 (plastic)

  • Dish towels (2)

  • Toaster

  • Dish soap

  • Dishwasher pods

  • Kitchen spray cleaner

  • Please package in a laundry basket

Apartment Bathroom Kit

  • 4 new bath towels

  • 2 new hand towels

  • 2 new wash clothes

  • Heavy weight shower curtain liner

  • Shower curtain

  • Shower curtain rings

  • Bathroom cleaner

  • Toilet Cleaner

  • Please package in a laundry basket

Cleaning Supply Kit

  • 13 ounce shampoo

  • 13 ounce conditioner

  • 13 ounce body wash

  • Toothbrush

  • 13 ounce lotion

  • Toothpaste

  • Wash cloth or bath scrunchie

  • Nail clippers

  • Q tips

  • Deodorant-regular size

  • Disposable razors (2)

Are You Ready to Help?

Thank you for your willingness to help! For more information about current Advocate needs, to make a financial donation or with any questions, please contact Shannon Nichols at 208-788-4191 or Thank You!

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