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Our Support and Transition services are meant to build skills, confidence, and economic stability. By offering these programs, we hope to foster independence and “give wings” to survivors so they can go on and live exceptional lives free of abuse.

If you would like to learn more or are in need of any of our safety and shelter service. We are here for you! 

Support Groups
Skills for Success

Jobs and life skills course that empowers unemployed or underemployed victims of abuse and assists them in securing successful long term employment. 92% of Skills for Success Graduates obtain better paying jobs.

Women’s Support Group in English and Spanish 

Women helping women find safety and support.  Free and confidential support groups for survivors of abuse.  Childcare provided.  Call 208-788-4191 for more information. 

Enrichment, Skills & Connections 

Learn new skills and build connections by participating in a Zumba class, cooking class, computer skills building, yoga, English language courses and more.  Contact 208-788-4191 to see what is being offered this month.

Smart about Money Economic Empowerment (SAMEE)

Financial literacy course to improve financial skills and habits. The Advocates offers a financial match for people who have completed the course and wish to participate in a matched saving account program.

Free Legal Services & Advocacy

Our skilled staff helps clients navigate the complex legal system, including assistance with court protection orders, custody agreements, and divorce. We connect clients with free legal services provided by local attorneys and Idaho Legal Aid. This gives survivors access to the judicial system, which is often out of reach.

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