Take part in our March Social Media Campaign #greendotsv

Have you ever witnessed someone being bullied or harassed and walked the other way pretending not to notice? Have you ever suspected someone was in an abusive relationship but didn’t know what to do? 

Green Dot, a nation-wide program, movement, and action, teaches people of all ages to recognize behaviors that may lead to acts of bullying, teen dating abuse, harassment, sexual assault and stalking and acknowledges the important role bystanders play in being able to safely and effectively intervene.  The Advocates’ community education and social change experts, Heidi Cook, Darrel Harris and Teri Beck have implemented the Green Dot Program at Bliss, Wendell, Hagerman, and Richfield High Schools and training has taken place in high schools at Wood River, The Community School and The Sage School. Plans to implement the program at Wood River, Community, and Sage Middle Schools are set for this coming fall.

Join the movement to put an end to bullying, abuse, harassment, and assault by showing us your Green Dot during the month of March. Take part in our social media campaign to help raise awareness and encourage bystanders to step in, speak up, and interrupt potential acts of violence by posting a photo with your green dot to Instagram with #greendotsv and tell us how you are taking a stand to end violence. Everyone who posts their green dot to the hashtag will be entered in for a drawing of many prizes-including a gift certificate to Zou and $100 cash! Prize drawings will take place on the first Sunday of April.  No one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something.