by Zac Swanson

We live in one of the most gorgeous areas I have ever seen and it is time we extend that beauty to the human beings that make up the society and community we live in. That beauty will cultivate from the safety and love that only comes from a communal effort towards a goal; compassion. In this compassionate community, the center of life will not be the monotonous necessity of work, but our natural need for love and happiness. People will treat each other with the utmost care and respect, regardless of their situation. Our innate passion for helping others will manifest the compassion and love that we all long for. A compassionate community will act as a safe haven for all, despite any differences or conflicts amongst individuals, because, in the end, we indeed are all equals. In our compassionate community, success will not be finality, but merely a taste of what we can accomplish in unity. Happiness and compassion are our successes. Our community will be the epitome of happiness, safety, equality, respect, care, growth, and, finally, compassion.

Zac is a part of the Advocates teen intern group, the ETC’s (you can learn more about them here). The ETC’s are graciously sponsored by the Wood River Valley Women’s Charitable Foundation. This series also appears in The Weekly Sun.

Caption:  Zac visits with 8th graders at WRMS to lead discussions on healthy relationships, and to answer their questions about high school.