If you are a regular listener to Boise State Public Radio, you likely heard Jessica Murri's story about a new class being offered on campus for survivors of sexual assault.  Her reporting offers great insights into the struggles that survivors face - and a new way in which yoga is being used to help. 

Through the generous work of a dedicated volunteer, all of our clients have a similar program available to them.  Each week, HansMukh Khalsa leads a group class in Kundalini Yoga, which she has designed the help clients take control of their breathing, bodies - and lives.

We encourage you to read or listen to the NPR story to learn more. 

Our volunteers make amazing dreams real for our clients each day - and they often approach us to get new services off the ground.  If you have a unique talent or skill, you could create that next opportunity!  To learn more, please reach out to Jill Iris, Volunteer Program Manager, at 208.788-4191, or jill@theadvocatesorg.org.