The White House Just Released an Anti-Sexual Assault Video That Every Man Needs to See

The White House recently put out a powerful call to action for men, demonstrating what they can do to help stop sexual assault.  PolicyMic published a thought-provoking article introducing the PSA

The Advocates' Green Dot program, which is now established in local high schools, is based on the concept of bystander intervention.  We're teaching our teens how to recognize high-risk situations, which can often be surprisingly subtle to discern.  We're encouraging them to check in with their friends - or even people they don't know - if they see a situation where someone could be at risk.  Lastly, we give them the tools they need to effectively stop a risky situation.  Those methods include walking right up and stepping in, creating a distraction, or getting help.

To learn more about Green Dot, or our other programs, give us a call at 208-788-4191.