This past Saturday Aug 8th, The Advocates’ Skills for Success Employment Program honored its 12th class with a graduation at Light on the Mountains Spiritual Center. The hard work and dedication of 13 students over the past 11 weeks was highlighted by program director Susan Fierman with these words: “These people made a great commitment to change their lives and their possibilities for the future. They committed to spending 11 weeks in a program of classes designed to help them be able to get better, stable work and expand their own future possibilities for themselves and their families.”

The graduates where surrounded by friends, family members and colleagues, old and new as they received their certificates. Many where overwhelmed with achievement and excited about taking the next steps with the new tools they have learned.

“(This class) made me more confident. This is the only thing I’ve committed to. I finished something and I am ready for my future.” One graduate proclaimed.

“I originally took this class to gain confidence. But I learned so much more. I learned we are worth-while and have the opportunity to be successful individuals. We all have something unique to contribute to this world.” Another graduate stated.

Congratulations and warm wishes for the future were exchanged between the graduates and teachers, followed by a potluck celebration lunch provided by students, family, friends and staff.