Idaho gave!!

We are so grateful to each and every person who contributed during Idaho Gives on May 1. You made this new website possible! Thank you for helping someone in need find a compassionate ear, a safe haven, a fresh start, or a new dream!

When you combine a beautiful spring day with generous hearts, you get an amazing result.  Idaho Gives was a remarkable success, with people across the state coming together to support the nonprofits that make Idaho such a special place to live.  We are in awe of the spirit of our valley, and so grateful to each of you who shared your support with us. 

A special thank you for our friends and family who sent your generosity across the miles - some of you have not even had the chance to visit, yet you invested in safe lives for our small community!!

Our Idaho Gives donors...


Thomas  Archie

Sara Astorquia

Keith Bailly

Brooke Bonner

Amanda Breen

Katherine Bridwell

Robert Brock

Heidi Cook

Susan Fierman

Summer Gilmore

Daniel Glavin

Rachel Halliday

Elizabeth Huish

David Huttinger

Lisa Huttinger

Jill Iris

Carla Isley

Emily Karassik

Joy Kasputys

Logan Knight

Magan Kohls

Jeanne Liston

Anita McCann

Sean McCarihan

Sheila Mells

Anna Parker

Heidi Reeves

Susan Robinson

Stephen Schoene

Katherine Schroder

Daniel Sexton

Sarah Snyder

Jan Super

Donna Svei

Tricia Swartling

Sara Towne

Cortney Vandenburgh

Emily Watts

Salongo Wendland

Maggie Williams

Melissa York

Dirk Zondag

Dirk Zondag, Jr.

Janet Zondag

Lee Ann Zondag