Staff and Board of The Advocates

We Are The Advocates

We believe that people of all ages deserve relationships that are based in safety and respect.

We believe in the power each of us hold to change our lives for the better.

We believe that we can work together to build a community free from physical and emotional abuse.

Meet our team, who work each day to turn belief into action.


Amanda Breen, President
Jim Spinelli, Vice President
Neil Siegel, Treasurer
Laura Boyd, Secretary
Tom Archie
Julie Berry
Bill Boeger
Tom Crais
Art Dahl
Colette Evans
Debbie Garratt
Liz Kantor
Laura Morawitz
Stephanie Reed
Dirk Zondag


Isaac Brannon
Arika Gourley
Calvin Geissler
Ellie Gorham
Grace Hoffman
Alvaro Jiraldo
Sofia Lodato
Canyon Macdonald
Mike Marquez
Audra Mary
Katie Peters
Anik Zarkos


Danielle Andrews, Director of Communications
Teri Beck, Shelter Manager
Maira Conlago, Bilingual Victim Advocate
Debbie Conover, Lead Weekend Manager
Heidi Cook, Violence Prevention Educator
Rose Cheff, Challis Support Leader
Jennifer Daniels, The Attic Sales Associate
Susan Fierman, Skills for Success Program Director
Kathy Franck, The Attic Sales Associate
Raquel Galvin M.A., Client Programs Director
Sandi Garcia, Weekend Manager
Reli Haemmerle, The Attic Sales Associate
Darrel Harris, Social Change Coordinator
Jackie Hennessy, Client Resources Specialist
Jennie Hernandez, Morning Manager
Tracy Herrick, The Attic Sales Associate
Amanda Kramer, Fairfield Group Leader
Sandra Magana, The Attic Sales Associate
Anna Parker, Director of Development
Gina Pulleiro, The Attic Sales Associate
Karla Ruiz, Weekend Manager
Rosa Segura, Weekend Manager
Cindy Schott, The Attic Store Assistant Manager
Gary Schott, The Attic Store Manager
Jan Super, Office Manager & Bookkeeper
Tricia Swartling, MPH, CEO
Dolores Vega, Shoshone Support Group Leader & Rural Outreach Advocate
Carmen Vera, The Attic Sales Associate