What We Do

Our vision is a compassionate community free from emotional and physical abuse

That’s a big goal. It’s a community where no one is bullied, assaulted, intimidated, stalked, or raped. Where people of all ages enjoy relationships with peers, partners, and families that are based on respect, safety, and freedom. A community of compassion.

We believe this is possible – but it won’t happen without a plan. That’s why The Advocates has adopted multiple approaches. We’re tackling this issue from every angle – from providing support to those who have experienced abuse, to crafting social change among our youth. Together, we can achieve this goal. Together, we are on the path to happiness.

Here’s how we do it.

Youth Leaders in Action: Every Teen Has a Choice: challenge, change, community (ETCccc)

The Advocates has an amazing team of staff and Board members that work together with passion and conviction to help people transform their lives.

Social change with teens comes from within.  Teens talk to each other, listen to each other, and work within relationships to build their values and sense of self.

That’s why the ETCs are so critical to our success in the schools.  The training we’ve provided them empowers them to speak out and to lead the charge against emotional and physical violence in their schools.  Their presence makes a difference, each and every day.  They also serve as mentors and role models to younger students.

Thank you to the Wood River Women’s Charitable Foundation for recognizing and honoring the power teens hold to lead for change.