Recent research shows that the most effective way to prevent violence and abuse is to engage bystanders. We believe that for every act of violence - bullying, sexual assault, stalking, teen dating abuse - there is a moment when someone can step in to stop it. This is the principle behind Green Dot and it is really very simple; teach bystanders how to watch out for each other by recognizing when someone is in trouble and empower them with Green Dot strategies to safely and effectively intervene.

- Believe that rape, dating violence, bullying, sexual assault and stalking are wrong and speak out against it.

- Attend educational/awareness events focused on the prevention and response to bullying and violence in our schools and community.

- Collaborate with other community members/organizations to encourage joint awareness campaigns.

- Talk about Green Dot with friends, co-workers and family.

- Call your local school administration to express support for violence prevention efforts.

- Educate yourself about signs of potential violence/abuse and the things you can do to help.

- Hang a Green Dot sign in your home or office.

- Create a tagline attached to your email that incorporates the Green Dot message.
Green Dot Around Town
September 15th: Green Dot Parent Teacher Workshop; CSI; Minni Moore Room: 7:00pm


Because I know violence and abuse impact my community;

Because I know reducing the number of victims requires broad social change;

Because I know that I have a responsibility to do my part;


Find a way to intervene in situations that feel potentially high risk for violence;

Change anything I may be doing that contributes to violence or abuse of any kind;

Support and encourage the people in my life to take responsibility for ending violence;

Believe and support anyone who has experienced any form of abuse;

Speak out, join local efforts to end violence and help create a culture of safety and respect.