Donor List

Donahue McNamara Steel, LLC

Boswell Family Foundation


Heart of Gold Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation

Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

Harry and Shirley Hagey
– HRH Foundation

Wood River Women’s Foundation

Kathleen Britt
– Gordon R. & Mary M. Howard Family Foundation

Charlotte Unger

Rebecca and Jonathan Neeley

Carol Dumke
– Val A. Browning Foundation

Joel Carlson

Margaret Hecht
– Hecht 2008 Grantor Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Ann Down

Ryan and Vanessa Allison

Bob and Virginia Parker

Joe Kasputys

Dan and Micki Chapin

Guy Cherp
– Cox Communications, Inc

Peter Curran
– PECO Foundation

Michael and Esther Ochsman
– Ochsman Foundation, Inc.

Robyn Rogers
– Rogers Foundation

St. Luke’s Wood River

Duncan & Kristen Morton

Matt and Davina Walker

Zions Bank

Dee and Susie Andrews

Deana and Morley Golden

Paul and Jane Hansen

Helios Foundation

Steven and Dede Huish
– S.A. Huish Family Fund

Carole Lewis and Ted Walczak

Terri and Larry Butler

Tricia Swartling

Camille McCray

Inner Health MD

Carson International, Inc.

Danielle Fuller

Peggy Elliott-Goldwyn

John and Sandra Flattery

Lara & Dave Stone

Kathie Levison

Sheryl Fullmer

Wood River Foundation

James and Ellen Gillespie

Lesley Andrus

Joyce Friedman

Cate Cox

Scott Miley Roofing

Sun Valley Garden Center

Heidi Woog and Tom Archie

Zenergy at Thunder Spring

Tom Crais
– Aesthetics of Plastic Surgery

Amanda Breen Law, PLLC


Brooke Bonner and Kyle Baysinger

Chad and Rebecca Brown

Conrad Brothers Construction and Five Star Kitchen and Bath

Debbie M. Garratt FNP-C PLLC


Dan and Martine Drackett

Happy Fitzgerald

Carol Rees and John Foley
– Glad To Be Here Foundation, Inc.

Dick Hare and Patti Duetting
-Hare Family Foundation

Ben Holmes and Carol Scheifele-Holmes

Blair Hull
– Hull Family Foundation

Edward and Camille Kassatly

Magleby Construction Sun Valley

Jerry and Sheila Mells

Eric and Rhonda Pollock

Stephanie Reed Realestate

Mark and Becky Reitinger

John and Martha Sensenbrenner


Christopher Stephens

The AKC Humane Fund, Inc.

Sarah and Peter Thorson

Barbara Thrasher and Rick Koffey
– Thrasher/Koffey Foundation

Wells Fargo Bank

Wells Fargo Foundation

Buddy Wilton and Shay Doll

White Cloud Communication

Ward and Priscilla Woods
– Woods Foundation

Carol Jensen

Judith Kindler

Elaine and Mike Phillips

Michael Scott

St. Thomas Episcopal Church

Judy Alpert

Mary Louise and James Sedin

Jacqueline Wieman

Rob and Laura Wright

Diane Banta

Julie Berry

Ross and Martha Jennings

Emilie Lukens

Michael & Charlotte Page

Mollie and Tucker Patton

Sturtevants of Sun Valley

Leah Warshawski

Missy Russell

Lauri Bunting

Sarah Gardner and Ron Harrison
– Jivaro, Inc.

Lisa Holley
– L & H Foundation

Mane Muse

Jima Rice

David and Barbara Rognlien

Slim and Mimi Sommerville

Linnea & Neal Collins

Heather Coulthard

Katherine and Gabe Schroder

Jim and Shirley Spinelli

Samuel Adicoff and Sue Conner

Betsy and John Ashton

Michael and Karen Bulls

Bob Diercks

Buck Drew

Patricia Duetting

Susan and Nathan Fierman

Steve and Deborah Greenberg

Dennis Hanggi

Caren Harris

Robin Leavitt and Terry Friedlander

Ken Lewis

Peter and Sandra Maier

CC McCarthy

Brent and Beverley Robinson

Bill Schliiter

Silver Creek Outfitters

Veronica Smith

Mike Stemp

Justin and Megan Stevenson

Hillary and Ben Whipple

Jeff and Melisa Williams

Bob and Patience Ziebarth

Linda and Bob Edwards

Steele-Reese Foundation

Joan Leidy Foundation

US Bank Foundation

Roy A. Hunt Foundation

St. Lukes Wood River Foundation Inc.


Donald W. and Gretchen K. Fraser Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation

Allie Long

Cathie and Hanley Dawson
– Dawson Family Fund

Reuben and Susan Perin

Jack and Marie Kueneman

Jan Philipsborn and Mitch Hollins
– Perlstein Foundation

Tom and Gina Lingbloom

Bob and Betsy Reniers

Roger Vincent

Dick and Joanne Wetherell

Peter and Britt Palmedo

Cathy Swank

Dirk and Lindsay Zondag

Bob and Laura Kantor

Jeanne Meyers and Richard Carr

US Bank

Burks Excavation Corp of Idaho

Alysia May
– David May II – Dee May Charitable Trust

Ranney and Priscilla Draper
– Draper Family Foundation

Marquita Dunn

Scott and Charlotta Harris
– Harris Foundation

Headwater Capital

Hillary Whipple DMD

Joe’s Backhoe Services

Lorena and David McClusky

The Nichols Group

Richard C. Barker Family Fund

Lisa Stelck and Bill Boeger

Alysia May
– Tom May – David May II Foundation

Alicia Hollis

Art and Bobbie Dahl

Sherry and Dick St. Clair

Kate & Carter Minor

Hal Robinson

Colette Evans

Debra and Jack Levin

Mollie Campbell

Elaine Harfst

Magan Kohls

Amber and Reid Sanborn

Kristen and Jamie Coulter

Erika and Jeremy Greenberg

Phoebe Pilaro

Thomas and Cheri Watson

Al McCord
– Wood River Sustainability Center

Idaho Power and IDACORP Employee’s Community Fund

Robert and Kathryn Gardner

Graeme and Norah
– Bretall Family Fund

Wendy Chase

A. Roger and Jeanne Foreman

Judith Jellinek

Mountain West Bank

Cassie Abel

Scott and Sara Nelson

Diane Nini

Carmen and Ed Northern

Julie and Neil Siegel

John and Elizabeth Stevenson

The Jonathan C.S. Cox Family Foundation

Ted Waddell and Lynn Campion
– Waddell Fine Art, LLC

Jim and Jeanne Welch

Anna and Robert Parker

Nancy and Ben Adkins

Herb & Charlotte Alexander

Fred Avila

Ken and Rachel Brannon

Kristine Bretall

Dayna and Brett Buxton

Patti Culpepper

Carey and John Dondero

Jenny Emery Davidson and Mark Davidson

Matt and Angela Graff

Kellee Havens

Alex and Pat Higgins

Jill Howell

Blair Hull

Marcia Lee Kent

Maryvern Loomis

James and Willa McLaughlin

Denis & Joann McNamara

James Pearre and Diane DeRocher

Wendy and Alan Pesky
– Pesky Family Foundation

Nick and Sharon Purdy

Erin Rosenstein

Georgia and Todd Stewart

Carol Tessier

Jane Tillotson

Eeva and Bryce Turzian

Debra and Ray Vadalma

Anita Weissberg

Susan Wolford

Fred and Renata Beguin

Renz and Tara Fankhanel

Jill Lear

Dave Dawson

Chase & Jessie Gouley

Corey Graham

Kim and Andrew Harris

Liz and Joshua Kantor

Tom and Jeanne Liston


Bree Vanden Heuvel

Chip and Barbara Angle

Peter and Ruby Becker

Dylan Benson

Peggy Dean

Fine Dining Restaurant Group

Cay Fortune

Paula and Lars Fryland

Roger and Margaret Gould

Connie Grabow

Tracy Groll

Jane Hancock

Darrel Harris

Rebekah and Larry Helzel

Karen and Richard Hoffman

Dan and Barb Hurlbutt

E. Roxanne Jensen

Edward and Carol Karner

Gerald and Kaye Kearns

Jeff and Lisa Lynn

Paige McAllister

Melissa McKenzie

Sue Mendelsohn

Sarah Michael

Jeffrey and Nancy Mihalic

Wallace & Helen Morgus

Mountain Fresh, Inc.

Kingsley and Cynthia Murphy

Karl Nichols

Dan Olmstead

Jake and Trina Peters

Marda Phelps

Eleanor Reed

Millie and Keith Reidy

Erika and Carl Rixon

Beverley Robertson

Paul and Maureen Schwendener

Tracy and Stuart Simon

Carol Sinnott

Shannon Sisk

William and Sheri Slater

Michael and Pamela Smith

Sun Valley Garden Center

Doug and Ann Taylor

Javier Ubence

Cortney Vandenburgh

The Von Der Heyden Family Foundation

Liza Weekes

Judy Whitmyre

Douglas Zeghibe

Tracy and Aron Golob

Danielle Goodman

Page and Maureen Jenner

Sue Woodyard

Hailey Computers

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Don and Judy Atkinson

Todd & Lisa Avison

Stephanie Bourgette

Nathan & Nicole Ching

Rosemary Cody

Paul & Valerie Hartl

Gary Hoffman

Lisa Huttinger

Mark and Dora Levin

Karen Little

Marty and Mila Lyons

Carol O’Loughlin

Jesseca Sali

Felicia Soares

Gay Weake

Davis Embroidery

Christine O’Leary

Laurie Adelstein

Richard and Harriet Bass

Maria Dudunakis

Philip & Helga Fast

Hilary Neeley
– Footlight Dance Centre

John and Jean Kearney

Kneeland Gallery

Char Roth

The Skating Club of Boston

Debora Trotz

Deborah Vignes

Mitch and Rebecca DeShields

Vicki Gulino

Adele and Pat Savaria


Art Dahl By Anna and Robert Parker

Blaine County School District Office by Karen and Richard Hoffman

Carol and Les Shanahan by Danielle Goodman

ETC Youth Activist by Marty and Mila Lyons

Greg and Ivana Loomis by Maryvern Loomis

Lisa Huttinger by Nancy and Ben Adkins

Joyce Friedman by Rebekah and Larry Helzel

Julia Higoon by Patti Culpepper

Katie Peters by The Hardiman Family Foundation Inc.

Marilyn Baybutt and Robbie Sawyer by Rosemary Cody

Olivia Szombathy by Mitch and Rebecca DeShields

Reuben and Susan Perin by Peggy Elliott-Goldwyn

Idaho Council on Domestic Violence and Victim Assistance Grant
Victims of Crime Act
Family Violence Prevention Fund
Idaho State Domestic Violence Fund

Idaho Housing and Finance Association:
Emergency Solutions Grant Idaho State Police
STOP Violence Against Women Act Grant

Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence:
Sexual Assault Services Program Grant
Office on Violence Against Women – Transitional Housing Program Grant
Rural Idaho Economic Empowerment Program

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
Green Dot Sexual Violence Prevention Strategy Program

Linda Thorson
by Georgia and Todd Stewart, Peter and Ruby Becker, Kingsley and Cynthia Murphy, Herb and Charlotte Alexander and Patricia Duetting

Linda Thorson
by Margery and Woody Friedlander, Maria Dudunakis, Sarah and Peter Thorson

Marilyn Kasputys
by Laurie Adelstein, Eleanor Reed, Jane Hancock, Debra Trotz, The Skating of Boston, Jill Howell

Will by Mary Louise and James Sedin

Atkinsons’ Market
Danielle Andrews
Ryan Allison
Barbara’s Party Rentals
Burger Grill
Tom and Nicolle Cahill
Chapalita’s Grill
Copy & Print
Da Vinci’s
Dang’s Thai & Sushi
Pamela DeTuncq
Five Star Cellars
Jensie H. Fry
Chandra Garrison
Globus Restaurant
Grill at Knob Hill
Hailey Coffee Company
Hennessy Company
Inn at Abeja
Ellen James
Lisa Jenner
Jersey Girl
Jiva Salon
Johnny G’s Subshack
Kim Johnson
Bob Kantor and Laura Boyd
Kantos Cellars
Ketchum Grill
La Ca Banita
Lago Azul Mexican Restaurant
Lefty’s Bar & Grill
Leroy’s Ice Cream
Light on the Mountain Spiritual Center
Tom and Gina Lingbloom
Pawan and Helen Mehra
Mahoney’s Bar & Grill
Mama Inez
MESH Gallery
Michel’s Christiania Restaurant
Jimmy Mitchell
Tom Nickel
Paula’s – The Dress Shop
Jill Payette
Rueben and Susan Perin
Christopher Peterson
PROGUARD Pest Control, LLC
Ragged Irregulars Aviation
Redfish Lake Lodge
Georgie Robertson
Dr. Jeffery Roth Dental Studio
Laura Rose
Sawtooth Brewery
Sleight of Hand Winery
Smokey Mountain Pizza
South Valley Pizza
Dave and Sue Squire
St. Thomas Episcopal Church
Stanley Bakery/Sawtooth Hotel
Sun Valley Auto Club
Sun Valley Brewery
Jan and Jim Super
Tricia Swartling
Tamarack Cellars
TaraBella Flowers
The Gardens
The Kneadery
The Pioneer
The Sawtooth Club
The Smokey Bone BBQ
Three Monkey’s Salon
Three Rivers Winery
White Cloud Rafting LLC
Vanessa Wheeler
Wood River Sustainability Center
Yellow Belly Ice Cream

Kylie Anderson

Tom Archie

Fidel Arevalo

Liliana Ayllon

Amanda Bailey

Gini Ballou

Renata Beguin

Krysia Belza

Addison Berkely

Julie Berry

Steve Besdeka

Maya Blix

Bill Boeger

Brooke Bonner

Marta Botello

Callie Bourgette

Sabrina Bourgette

Laura Boyd

Sadie Boyers

Amanda Breen

Elizabeth Briggeman

Becky Brown

Morgan Buckert

Alison Burpee

Shannon & Niki Buss

Kara Carter

Isabella Cazamira

Tara Chatfield

Tom Crais

Marina Cruz

Sandy Dahl

Art Dahl

Krista Detwiler

Dora Diaz

Sylvie Dore

Alex DuMauriee

Meryl Erlanger

Colette Evans

Nathan Fierman

Mari Flores

Ali Fox

Darby Fox

Jackie Fox

Emilie & Raymond Galvin

Vanessa Garcia

Vivian Garcia

Debbie Garrett

Megan Gergen

Anna Gilman

Sara Gorham

Ellie Gorham

Arika Gourlay

Rita Guftason

Reli Haemmerle

Tori Hartman

Kelly, Dave & Jackie Hennessy

Grace Hoffman

Maggie Howard

Lisa Huttinger

Jill Iris

Lisa Jenner

Pete Jenner

Jordon Jenner

Liz Kantor

Nelda Kendall

Nancie Krankkala

Susan Larson

Jane Lodato

Sophia Lodato

Yessenia Lopez

Kyle Lubuck

Carrie Morrow

Brock Mary

Laura Morawitz

Carrie Morrow

Lindsay Morton

Pamela Neilbergs

Zach Nelson

Claudia Nicoll

Pam Nighter

Katie  Nosworthy

Gus O’Neill

Jacqui Olson

Rachel Pace

Debbie Park

Virginia Parker

Sharon Parks

Ann Parry

Dave Patrie

Katie Peters

Gigi Pichan

Phoebe Pilaro

Stephanie Reed

Alison Rosen

Andrea  Sanchez

Cade Schott

Julie Schultz

Emilly, Riley & Neil Siegel

Celina Silva

Shirley & Jim Spinelli

Selim Star

Correna Starr

Tate Sterns

Taylor Straley

Lillian Super

Ellen Swenson

Holly Town

Lizbeth Valencia Pena

Carlos Vasquez

Shellsy Verano

Holly Walsh

Vanessa Allison

Joanie Whitcomb

Victoria Yee

Rachel Ziegler

Dirk Zondag

Coldwell Banker Staff